The Book of Swords Includes a New George R. R. Martin Game of Thrones Short Story

George R. R. Martin is going to release a new Game of Thrones short story.

The Sons of The Dragon will be a historical story about the second and third Targaryen kings.

Aenys I Targaryen is celebrated as one of the wisest kings Westeros ever knew, while Maegor the Cruel is one of the worst.

It will be in an anthology edited by Gardner Dozios and entitled The Book of Swords.

According to Penguin Random House, the anthology will contain sixteen stories, each by a different author.

All of the stories are set in worlds filled with sorcery and swords.

The sixteen stories and authors are:

The Best Man Wins by K. J. Parker
His Father’s Sword by Robin Hobb
The Hidden Girl by Ken Liu
The Sword of Destiny by Matthew Hughes
‘I Am a Handsome Man,’ Said Apollo Crow by Kate Elliott
The Triumph of Virtue by Walter Jon Williams
The Mocking Tower by Daniel Abraham
Hrunting by C. J. Cherryh
A Long, Cold Trail by Garth Nix
When I Was a Highwayman by Ellen Kushner
The Smoke of Gold Is Glory by Scott Lynch
The Colgrid Conundrum by Rich Larson
The King’s Evil by Elizabeth Bear
Waterfalling by Lavie Tidhar
The Sword Tyraste by Cecelia Holland
The Sons of the Dragon by George R. R. Martin

The Book of Swords is set for release on October 10.


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