Kevin J. Anderson’s Eternity’s Mind Brings a Mostly Satisfying Close to The Saga of Shadows

Eternity’s Mind by Kevin J. Anderson is the close of the Saga of Shadows trilogy.

All told, the three books put you through a near 2,200-page adventure that is in itself a sequel to Anderon’s Saga of Seven Suns.

I’ll try not to spoil too much.

In Eternity’s Mind, the Klikiss Robots and the Shana Rei are terrorizing the Spiral Arm.

The Confederation and the Ildiran Empire fight them in every way possible, as Roamers are busy producing ekti-x from what they’ve named bloaters.

However, the bloaters may be the ally that all life needs against the absolute destruction being wrought by the Shana Rei and Klikiss Robots.

Anderon’s amazing writing ability follows more than a dozen main characters through the events that bring a close to this war for survival.

My only complaint was that when the end comes, all of the storylines feel rushed to a conclusion, bringing about a little disenchantment to the otherwise satisfying ending.

I would definitely recommend this trilogy to book lovers who are fans of sci-fi and adventure. Just be sure to start at the beginning of the trilogy, if not at the beginning of the Saga of Suns series, so that you’ll get more back story.


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